My Lip Unheard

My Lip Unheard
by halifax

Oh the power of my bodyDwarfs the power of my mindTo walk me to the clearing lens

And cast it all behind.

A sweet coward led me there

Fit punishment for my faults

Sour bit of citrus fruit

With a fleshy fawn at salts.

Powered through by gut

Impulse to take release

From the pounding pulse

And that tugging of the leash.

So sad the way my brain sees

And tells my soul hello

When my instinct leads me

And shows me how to go.

Blame the puss at the wheel

Guiding into the rocks

Under the projections I feel

Crushing the path forward.

To meet to see together,

Has there ever been a way

A used book bought discounted

And a ball tossed in play?

0 thoughts on “My Lip Unheard

  1. Benvolio- Trying something different. Bible Thud has started to sound easy in my head and I want to keep that good for me. Sorry if this bags in the meantime. I had to put it somewhere and something else left unsaid.

  2. Benvolio…Fidelio…access to the inner circle granted! Nice to see a little experimentation with the traditional. I still enjoy writing some Milay-esque every once and a while…the chics seem to dig it more than the Corso stuff. I got this Henry III hat at a Renaisance Festival and prance around naked with it conjecturing beaty rhymes of verse…much to the chagrin of the neighbors (i just wish i looked as good as the HBO series Henry)…maybe i’m more of a Thomas More wannabe.
    In any case, i really liked the script and gray-type. Poem seems very balanced too…i’ll have to give it more time and let the words sink in. It’s funny, most traditional poetry is harder for me to understand than the modern…language? …or meter? Who knows…?

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