radio waves, and their result on the immune system

radio waves, and their result on the immune system
poem and photo by greer bevel
the chest sing-songs like a polish girl
infection rises silently
against the wishes of the host.
a few phases of the moon pass
waning gibbous waxing whatever
the fever still rises
white blood cells try to reproduce
not fast enough for the lab techs
perspiration bleeds through the gown.
in nineteen sixty-five, a motown singer recorded
an inspiring, infectious track
captured originally in plastic, now, in digital media
the cheap clock radio
transmits this dated message to the patient
in perfect time, though weakly.
the white blood cells seem to cooperate
talk, if you will
lab techs are surprised.
fever retreats.

0 thoughts on “radio waves, and their result on the immune system

  1. wow. did i write this and forget about it? greer and i have a similar style, apparently. the poem begs the question: what motown song cured the fever? i appreciate the song as being “infectious.” nice work.

  2. As flagrantly irresponsible reader, I substituted ‘Radiohead’ for ‘Radio waves’ [plug..plug] and cured myself of dysentary by listening to ‘The Bends’ album {Nice new album [“Rainbows”] and Roling Stones write-up by the way}.
    But back to the poem.. P-E-R-F-E-C-T! …luved it. i was enthralled by the idea, the idea, the idea of it all. Written in present tense mostly is different and combining 2 typically unassociated entities (health/radio) gives poem unconventionality! …at least i thought.
    i’ll look for that name to pop up again…greer bevel.

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