Considering Quitting My Job…

Condsidering Quitting My Job So We Can Lay About and Drink Camomile
by joseph goosey
All right, so you do this thing
where you pretend that you are a tabby cat.
When I laugh, (if), I am laughing only
because I am trying not to explode upwards and out
the top
of myself.
The dress you received in the mail yesterday
still smells
a bit like East Dublin
but I’m sure after you hem
the sleeves
a light will burst forth
from the yellowed orchids.
I can’t care for clocks.
It’s something inherent and stupid.
I would not have gone to work had I slept with your pigtails.
(If I do not go to work some reverse effect takes place)
Will you put your pig tails back in tonight?
I know it’s a hassle
but even when they thought
that there was one man living on mars,
he turned out to be the shadow of a rock
so what I mean is,

0 thoughts on “Considering Quitting My Job…

  1. Drinking tea and laying around is ok, but you should keep your job. Tea is getting expensive.
    This is disjointed, super-odd, full of dissolution and dissonance, and I like it a lot.
    I think pigtails are HOT.
    There is some crazy genius at work here.

  2. damnit! i thought i was the only crazy genius! …or crazy! yeah, i agree,…”disjointed, super-odd, full of dissolution and dissonance, and I like it a lot.” Funny too! Weird is, i live about 10 miles from Dublin (Texas), home of the oldest Dr. Pepper Bottling Plant in the world. Luved use of parentheses (insert sidethought here).
    Pigtails can really screw with a guy’s mind…i’d prefer sleeping with Princess Leia and her buns.
    But seriously, deep/out-of-the-ordinary observations in a poem, however disjointed, to me becomes a shining new 2101 Odessey and we are the metrosexual monkeys jumping frantic whirling dead armadillo carcasses by the tail stunning our rivals with audacity…keep it up!

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