the professional

The Professional
by joe maynard
“That’s the good thing;
about my profession,”
she said
putting her hand on my arm
while her other hand
palm up
with lipstick clad filter
sandwiched between her index
and bird finger
like a smoldering
“All you have to know
is how to use the phone.”

0 thoughts on “the professional

  1. i somehow imagine the prostitute saying this to Heath Leger in the deleted scenes from ‘Monster’s Ball’. ‘I’m a little bit sore so go easy.’…not much to know or say i suppose…but there’s a whole sleu of mental/social bugbears one might confront selling oneself. That’s the whole point of the poem i would say: how it’s human nature to make something that’s really very difficult seem easy to get thru it and survive…to function…to sleep at night.
    Excerpts from the beginnings of short stories make the best poems sometimes…
    “All you have to know is how to use the phone.” …and yet the pic is of a broken phone… transcendence of image and poetic theme…nice editor!

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