South American Man

South American Man
by gene defcon
We chew raw shoe as dogs do in a dump
Scattered amongst the debris of society
Leather-bound librarians
Forlorn forgotten forsaken
Forensic scientists
Tracing the evolution of Coy-Dogs
Over the course of ten thousand years
Cold cases pried open with canine teeth
A-gleaming in florescent fogs
Completely depleted and snarling
Hogheads of fear
Cobs in our shit
Wallowing in the battered beauty
Of an old beer

0 thoughts on “South American Man

  1. My favorite Jupiter Gene poem thus far! I go ga-ga over alliteration: ‘Leather-bound librarians/ Forlorn forgotten forsaken/ Forensic scientists’. First line packs so much rhyme in like sardines who do not complain next to their hot supermodel counterparts.
    Dogs element very hard-hitting…that man (or South American men in this case? and/or men in general?)can become such…and comparison was aptly used in poem. Poem also had ‘human situation’ aspect that i saw as social commentary and perhaps not just still-life notes of an observer.
    Towards end of poem metaphor switches from dogs to hogs…hence the ‘snarling’ and ‘wallowing’. A lot of thought went into this poem and much craft was used. Excellent perspective piece!
    I imagine the pic of the Pat Benatar-esque beauty with “Sex” on her shirt turning around to reveal “Without Love” on the backside… Thanks sir! I am your humble admirer.

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