tom cat

by yesk
thomas is such a failure
never eats jerry
always gets his ass kicked by the bulldog
i am thomas
i think i can, i think i can
different engine all together
god i need some coffee
he died for my coffee
there he was
beaten and bloodied
fixed above for all to see
so that i might be pleasured each morning
provoked to wake up
and make some sense.

0 thoughts on “tom cat

  1. Very apt interpretation of the classic animated series here! i grew up eating P and J sandwiches watching these two play cat and mouse. There’s also a burly African-American maid who gets a piece of ‘Mr. Tom’ every once in a while. …and looking back on it, it seems there’s a lot of ‘sub S&M’ going on here with all the spanking. Maybe that’s an alternate interpretation than the ‘Fight Club’ perspective…i don’t know? Cool poem with thought-provoking questioning of the human psyche! Keep it up Mr./Mrs. (?) Yesk!

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