Judgement (1)
by leslie michel
Resulting from a massive, expansive, nervous breakthrough…
Be known wearing formal evening clothes sharing finger foods and champagne on the Tallehatchi bridge.
Dance a tango in your laundromat! Wear loin cloth.
That which is repressed, resisted, withheld, hidden becomes seductive.
Are you seduced by value? Assign value to seduction?
ALWAYS commit to what you like: whatever, wherever, whomever, whenever.
Even activity illicit. wanton. taboo. U.C.L.A., F.D.A., D.E.A., N.R.A., C.I.A., unapproved !
D.N.A.- Do Not Abstain in mortal fear of ever-lasting HELL FIRE and DAMNATION.
NAKED Run pell mell through the poppy field.
Throw Caution to the wind.
The sole force with strength to hold you captive is your own tortured mind!
Run. Run amok, Run for your life!
Today, every day, is the Last Day.
FEAR forges the bars of your cursed, cramped, damp subterranean cell.
FEAR alone fetters and binds the wild imaginative seeds germinating deep inside.
What? Why? Murder these innocent embryos bearing higher conscience?

0 thoughts on “Judgement

  1. Damn girl! You got it going on! If we were in the Justice League i might say: “Wonder twins activate…” but i’m not sure i’d be able to keep up. i’m still shuddering from the orgasims…will you marry me?
    But in all seriousness, this is a nice contemporary poem. I luved the language, spacing, all-caps, use of commands (which backs the reader into a corner and puts them to the existential test)…and it was passionate.
    It’s good to see a poet change-up the grammar/syntax (inversion or typical order) to make something stick in the reader’s mind…language was made for man/woman, not man/woman for language…be as unconventional as it takes. And was that an ellipsis (…) i saw in there? Take one dot off and it becomes an ellip (my own funny creation). My writing guru Brenda Ueland quotes Blake for creativity: “Better to strangle an infant in its cradle than to nurse unacted desires.”
    “Even activity illicit. wanton. taboo.” …great words..you have such an ear.
    Fear as opposed to passion for life theme really hit home with personification at end with comparison to abortion.
    Superb! By the way, I was on the Tallehatchi bridge the day Billy Joel McAlister jumped off. I tried to stop him!

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