more than a match

more than a match
by ramakrishnan parthasarathy.
when you sit in front
of a keyboard
about as dilapidated
as a service station
toilet seat
gone bad
(just as dirty)
and it applies to you too –
you who did not mean
to be Shelley but wanted
to just finish
another job at hand
the words do come
but they are not
for you
and neither are you
but they still come
like it does in the
service station
toilet –
and more than a match.

0 thoughts on “more than a match

  1. Very telling analogy! ..i never thought of ‘writer’s block’/the writing process that way but that’s exactly how it feels sometimes. It’s like you want to write good stuff but it is agonizing in a way and if you always wait for epiphany then it comes at wrong times or not very often. Getting in that frame of mind to just write and have fun doing so requires one too many flushes oft times…
    Checked out your blog site, by the way, cool colors (Krishnan blue?) and hip beatnik poems. Thanks Mr. Parthasarathy.

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