pretty white lightning

pretty white lightning
by oscar smiles
not unplug headphones from ears
unplug cord fom speaker knot
spot the got to sleep
i go to clench your foot
you open the door
black like tire track
pretty like white lightning
you stick around thumping veins
pricking veins dose those most wanted
do it again and again uhhhht ohhhhh
sigmund says to still close them
have them to stay open by someone else
perhaps the girl that
ran away from school in elementary
perhaps the teacher that
cooked up worms and ate them
perhaps perhaps snaps to the
slide pole that got me off
when noone was looking
that preacher that became demon
during sermon lost in the lord
pretty like white lighting
hold this while i light it
cooked it up while i tied it
you only came when i denied it
you only knocked when i supplied it
happy like sunshine till i dyed it
pretty like white lightning

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