by gerard sarnat


I. “Woman Ironing”

Rounding Guggenheim’s bend

toward Picasso’s teen masterpiece,

pretending to listen to Audio Guide, instead,

I turn it off to voyeur a high school rainbow.

When the just-in-from-the-boroughs gaggle

stops front of the prodigy, I eavesdrop their babel

as one sober pierced dude

whispers to his crew:

“The bleak blues and grays

weigh down on all working class mothers”

— while most others still gossip

away about this about that.

As the herd drifts near

Woman With Yellow Hair, I hear two who

sport pink and purple Mohawks debate

whether it’s zit or tear on Maria Therese’s face.

0 thoughts on “2X2

  1. It’s good to see a long poem. The left aligning and centering immediately caught my attention visually. Sometimes the submissions program doesn’t Copy/Paste from Word too well so you have to just type whole piece in to remove double spacing between lines…unless that’s what you want. 2×2 is 2 poems by 2 poems [or sections of poem] making 1 poem with different subject material in each…with existential theme. Very thought provoking in reflective sense…my kind of poem.
    Word choice is so visceral and real using out-of-ordinary words to escape the cliche: gaggle, babel, boogeyin’, Harlows, etc. etc. Equations at end of poem top off an already fantastic piece. I look forward to reading this again to get more ‘connections’. Thanks Mr. Sarnat!

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