a moment or two

by travis catsull

a moment or two
The moon in
the lot
	shoves a shadow
	off it’s leg
	(sleep leg)
I find me
a table before
pouring some water.
pouring it down
in me.
a 	man	sneezes
	(bblleessss hhiimm)
a 	lime green
on 	that girl’s
on a brick
a 	man 	reads
the 	paper
(front to back)
my 	tongue
is so
I know 		the kinetic
pool table
& the empty 	cigarette
a girl
	comes	up
starts  	talk-ing	 	to me
as i find
a cream colored
under a 		thin

0 thoughts on “a moment or two

  1. The ‘look’ of this poem seems unique and illustrative to ‘capturing moments’. The spacing in lines and between makes poem longer drawing it out…which at first may be deemed contradictory to the sucinctness of a moment…but when you are ‘in’ a moment our senses perceive it to be more than just the seconds they actually take (perhaps because we are ‘aware’ or struck by the beauty of a moment’s event and since it’s importance gives it time).
    Anyway, i thought the poem really brought forward that epistemological awareness or ‘glad to be here’ feeling even when in the end a cigarette lighter is found under the blue sash despite there being an empty package of smokes…isn’t life ironic? (A. Morisette). I enjoyed reading ‘a moment or two’ and would love to see mr. tc’s poems more frequently posted. Especially the subject material is a welcome reprieve from the sex, death, and drugs poems of that fiend Quasimofo (that guy needs to be committed).

  2. i was digging around in old files, reworking some and came across this. in “quick experiments”. i’ll post more as time goes along. there’s so much writing waiting to be posted its hard to fit these in. thanks for the comment.

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