Saturday morning

saturday morning
by jim benz
breakfast at Elsie’s –
a whole neighborhood
in three shrinking rooms
drawn on the face
of our elderly waitress
an imprint of scowls
long wait for coffee –
could this cup
be any more empty?
tasty menu –
beneath the side order toast
jelly stains
salt, pepper
a bottle of ketchup
what more could you want?
even in the kitchen
people go about their lives
your eggs
not so runny
as my eggs
reading the paper
words spill from the newsprint
to my tongue
O busboy
didn’t you realize
I would finish my toast?

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  1. This is great in the sense that it captures, moment by moment, things we have all gone through at the weekend diner. I can envision these places in Lansing: The Fleetwood, Golden Harvest, Old Town Diner. I especially like the first stanza. The flow here reminds me of those mornings when the coffee has not yet kicked in. Good job, Jim!

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