foreign stuff

Foreign Stuff
by daniel s. irwin
Okay, so I don’t know
A shit load about computers.
Hell, I just found ‘spell check’
The other day.
Then I found this site
That would automatically
Translate English into
Several other strange languages.
I typed in some stuff,
Hit a language button at random,
Then sent that off to
Some place far away.
From the response I received,
I couldn’t tell if I was
Invited there or if
They were coming here.
Best I reckoned,
They were either making
Offers of wild, bizarre sex,
Or were just threatening
To kick my black cat’s ass.

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  1. Amen brother! You captured that whole ‘technology estrangment’ to a ‘T’. I recently got a cell-phone and answered it the other day and it goes to speaker-phone, and i’m like “what the hell?!?”. That thing and a hundred other gizmos like computers just blow my mind (or what’s left of it).
    …The sheer bewilderment in the face of such techie-advancement as a theme usually takes 2nd fiddle to something that’s outright anti-technology (which i’m certainly guilty of..), but you took out negativity and made it work in an upbeat humorous style. By the way, i would opt for the “offers of wild, bizarre sex” rather than a ‘cat-whoopin’. Thanks!

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