godamn i really hope the float was properly assembled

godamn i really hope the float was properly assembled
by joseph goosey
Let’s watch this film about a cartoon rat and consecrate something I
dreamed up in at least 6 different poems beginning about 2 months
ago.Too many numbers in there and I am sorry.Soon you’ll start asking,
as they always do, why do you keep saying that you are sorry?
I’m telling you, people would really find us wonderful if we were out
in public. We could get free coffee and free almond milk simply for
being our wonderful selves. Sidewalks would go away and wonder when we
walked our puppy. You bite my sweatshirt string and tell me that I am
a complete dork and that’s completely accurate but at times I have
been known to appear in doorways with exactly what is needed, although
I admit this is a rare occurrence.

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  1. At first I thought “float” in title might refered to the ‘parade float’ but then i got to thinking…don’t toilets and other apparati have floats too? (we are incessantly at risk for a spillover/plunge?). Anyway, that ‘Godamn’ really got my attention…like whoa, someone’s got some catharsis to work out, but poem was more mellow/easygoing slice-of-moment..the kind of thoughtfulness all our funny sides share. I can surely attest to the punchline at end of piece, every once in a while i do something perfect and it’s as if the slate has been cleansed and i’m out of the doghouse or idiot-asylum [i guess everyone is like that to a degree in how we think…]… Godamn! This poem was properly assembled!

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