Over and Out

Over and Out
by pat a physics
Hi! How are you doing?
Oh, good, that’s good to hear. Can I help you with your hair?
No, I have no problem. Especially not to-day. It is such a nice day.
Your hair? Well, I was just offering my services as a hair expert.
Frankly, it looks like there is some work to be done in several areas. I mean, it does need some attention.
No scissors. No, I don’t use scissors. Never have, never will.
What do you mean?
Okay, fine. I won’t help you with your hair. You should see someone, though. Right away.
That’s okay. It must be more than curiosity. I can’t divulge such information.
It’s your hair, and it is important.
Good enough. I’ll see you later. Bye.

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