corporate roof song

corporate roof song
by meghan tennison
climbing the roof of your lifelong home
they’re still there
every food you’ve ever welcomed to your machinery:
dead and located in-between the spaces
that air cannot feel for,
they watch over your suitcase life
with pink liquid arms
and swim far easily now, but
really, there’s no-one who
really knows, nobody who
really, no-one who knows who the lucky one
you always say you’re so enormous
wearing that family fur coat of yours
(money belongs underground
by the time any living being
floods up
toward the curb
smelling like lost cigarettes]
you begin to dissect and remove
each of your organs that the newspapers have
disapproved of.
(this way home
transformed into a circular shape,
you wipe away the remaining film left behind by this
neighborhood web, and then
being so
the children will never quit screaming
for a dimmer sky to breathe under.
i watch them ’til they believe i’m actually still here,
but i really have to leave in
just a second…
“safe insect grip
sell me your devices
bibles and beef gardens
the things dreamt to stop this

0 thoughts on “corporate roof song

  1. Frankly sinister shimmying the dredlocks of my unidentifiable selfish. I’ll take those bibles and read a chapter every day while eating fajitas from the beef gardens…mooo, herefords with the curly locks have dreamt of omnivore returning the favors in a different flavor…the money grows on trees and is underground mulch ; riding bicycles with bi-sexuals who go to Oregon for threesome marriage… these eggshells on a tightrope in a windtunnel squaring the corporate rooftops of WouldaCouldaShoulda bistro flaming honing honey that salves my saving grace in this race to pop the reaper. A wedgie only one-ups the creep till he ‘treaves his pop-sickle…tickle..nobody nobody nobody really knows no bodies cause we sweep em under the rug…i am transformed opaque octogon and Chuck Norris is my personal trainer…better get some icy hot . and learn how to swim in air.

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