Holy Text and Context

Holy Text and Context
by le hinton
her laughter lay lost
in the inconsolable darkness
of his revelation
but we often bury our most
precious dead in silence like
a stingray settling into the sand
on a dark ocean floor
this time the body doesn’t stir
she recognizes pain
in all its fine disguises
the simplicity of a headache
or the loss of a fine tooth comb
there is science in seduction
and the tearing of a delicate lining
by a rude penis on Saturday night
before the calculations
of cornbread, crosses, and collards
on Sunday afternoon
you know as well as i
that all obsessions are fragile
at the cellular level
*go ahead
pick a horror
any horror from any year
and watch the logarithm grow talons
at the stigmata

0 thoughts on “Holy Text and Context

  1. Le Hinton–the John Donne of H&H…good to hear from you man!
    Science vs. Religion in the backdrop of a one-night stand.. Maybe ‘she’ (the seducee) is religion embodied and ‘he’ (the seducer) is science…but perhaps that is taking things too far. I think religion can be, at its roots, a source of pure happiness…especially when it is a personal relationship with the Almighty. ..and Consequently science can be a real pain in the ass. But not always…sometimes I think it is religion that holds us back from a science that God created ..(is the Earth really round and NOT at the center of the Universe?..God forbid…it’s the Inquisition for you.)
    A lot of people view science as a culprit (as opposed to religion from the pulpit?);afterall, we live in a society heavily constructed from the culture of science…and yeah, we do lose something when we forget spirituality. ..These are just thoughts that come into my head reading this poem and not the main theme of the poem which is innocence lost I would say.
    “…but we often bury our most/ precious dead in silence like/ a stingray settling into the sand/ on a dark ocean floor/ this time the body doesn’t stir.” –killer simile! Thanks!

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