Green Giraffes drinking Blue Tea

Green Giraffes drinking Blue Tea
by ben macnair
There was a Green Giraffe,
Sitting in the cinema,
Drinking Blue Tea
And trying to find the
Subtext in an Adam Sandler Film.
A Goldfish sits, trying to write a novel.
He can hold no pens,
his laptop is not water proof,
And every five seconds he
Loses the plot.
A Leopard tries to knit a net
To catch Unicorns in
While the novelist goldfish will forget
Everything except for original sin.
Dr Suess said that he had
Lost the gift of rhyme
While Pam Ayres
Said it was nothing to worry about,
Just to give it time.
A Blue Giraffe drinks
Absinthe, sitting on my sofa,
Trying to find the subtext
In a repeat of Countdown.
I will talk about my shoes,
But the Pink Elephant
Performing Ballet moves
Is still off limits.

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  1. Hmm. ..Photo caught my attention right’s recreation of elephant in Dali’s ‘The Temptation of St. Anthony’, coincidentally which i did a poem on 3-4 years ago on old H&H sight under ‘madpuppy’ or ‘latebloomer’ call-signs. If I remember, the pyramid on elephant’s back is a papal symbol…there was another elephant in painting with naked chick [i liked that temptation better!]. Sorry…i digress.
    This poem really jump-starts my imagination and takes me back to my Shel Silverstein youth. I never thought i’d hear the mention of Dr. Seuss and original sin in the same piece but actually find it stimulating. I’m at a loss on Pam Ayres (a famous shrink maybe?) and this ‘Countdown’ {TV gameshow perhaps?} though i kinda get the idea. The fantastic menagerie of animals smacks of hallucination/dreamland invading real terra firma of ‘sofa’ ‘shoes’ and ‘adam sandler film’. I enjoyed the read! Thx Mr. Macnair…please don’t stain purple the fleas in my hair!

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