One last liver cheese sandwich before the passing of an old friend or No Rest from A.D.D. Test Questions

One last liver cheese sandwich before the passing of an old friend…or No Rest From A.D.D. Test Questions

by quasimofo

For Dr. Seuss

Perception is greater than a decibel so charbroil that burger

on the potboiler

and get ready for the long haul

cause these lines are meant to be spoken

by duck-taped mutes to close-captioned

6th sense mind readers!!!

..WE are ‘the written’ and well-read

by a well-fed ILLITERATE

scrapping for new-sound sounds.

{By the way, i don’t like used books, the eyetracks have cooties.}

yeah, yeah.. let’s open the curtains… ta-da!!

Are you ready for the Houdini poetry

that will dance freaky circle imagery

thru the bars of your bandaged bondage

wriggling out of tied taut abracadaver

from your doused swab of sawed-in-half lovings

like a starved artist escaping cubic confined drownings?

Bring it on bubba:

Do you believe in science or the Bible…

–or both, since God made science..

..though one can never put too much

[pick the] lock, stock, and barrel in religion..

so give to forgive and take to forsake.

You got to own your burned at the mi[stake]s

and watch out for the guy with a glint

in his eye who shows up to a sidewalk sale

with a sledgehammer!..

No matter what, they

will always hate your freedom [which is a tradeoff for discipline (liberty is a bank slogan for free checking)]..

The same volunteers racked my crystal balls in the 3rd grade by learning cursing instead of cursive.. (they must have been the precursors to the precursers).

“We support our OOPS!” 1 million bumper stickers truly say,

while the First Baptist Church marquis really reads:

“Come Worship Us” [the ‘with’ got struck by lightning]..

But hey, conjure presto prestige from pity-party pity-sex

while a wave of the wands reveals it takes all kinds..

i like to dissect language like a tenacious

8th grader tearing into a leopard frog..

the rivets go ‘ribbit’ in a fit of more or egoless exhibits,

and absolute aesthetics is absolute prosthetics..

there exists only style heaped upon a dog pyle of life after cliche’

and there is a constant consistency of gyrating genesissies orbiting recurrency..

Pluto is a planet dammit! ..cause you can’t leave out

the god of the underworld and Mickey’s spastic dog!

Sautéed in a nutshell..we all become nuts going to hell.

oh.oh. don’t drop your sugar substitute while picnicking in the park or else

there’ll be Splenda in the grass.

wowsa! ..He not only stands up for himself, he walks on stilts,

but how can i say what i mean when i can’t pay for what i say?!

Terrorism is the new Communism cause How can 300 million trailer houses

with 34 triple DDD-screen Plasma be wrong?

oh, i don’t know, ..the hit or miss method is sorta a shit or piss method..

American cars are going bankrupt cause they have ugly logos and hood ornaments.

..We understand the right-away to do things when we observe the wrong way to do things.

There is a hallucina-eutha wacky transformality going on here methinks in methinktanks..

Death is not a deep sleep [mattress].

We need to take time out to act out, to mooch what you knew from the get-go,

and jazzercize the demons!

The world is a haze, and we are merely fakers,

so roll up the sleeves of your muscle shirts

and repeat after me:

“I hedge belligerence to the nag,

of the Aggravated Rates of Dementia,

& to the gee-grub-lick, of porridge bland,

one hesitation, under blog, invisible,

with bribery and lustice for gall”…

That’s why zombie films are so popular these days,,,

they’re allegories for the mindless voters

who elect mindless idiots with only 0-3 years experience in the federal government

but look dandy raising rhetoric Dam[nation on the new Hi-Def LCD..

[it gives them a reason to bitch later].

How long can oneness do good before bad habits resume?

One more question:

If oil is 100 dollars a barrel,

how much is it without the barrel?

..Which brings us to the final trick:

…When you know someone is about to die and has made their peace,

don’t try to change their mind,

just make them comfortable.

..Now that’s some disappearing act..

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  1. ‘From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere!’ Thank you Sir Misener, you do me too much honor with the acclamations though. If it was up to me, I’d give Michigan back her delegates! But not to get off topic… I have this notebook I keep that has like strange and deep thoughts that pop up in my twisted mind occasionally…and i write them down. Sometimes i just have a scrap of paper, the back of a receipt for my frappucino at Starbucks, that i write a little observation down. So I had like a billion in my satchel that i got out and spread around the desk, sorta drank my soda while inviting any bored muses to take notice..then put something together in some semblance of a coherent piece. Well, it didn’t come very focased, more eratic like a roller coaster ride in the dark, but oh well. Still there are sections to edit and ‘un-recyclablefy’to make more of an original delivery in a new light if possible. In any case, this poem was a lot milder and appropriate than the x-rated ‘Remastered Caligula and the Art of Madlib’ which would have burned your eyes and scorched your ears to read or speak aloud. Damn, i finally found ‘End of Evangelion’ anime movie that wraps up old series i’ve been watching…I’d like to write a poem someday detailing briefly 25 episodes of anime i have been dreaming up in my head called ‘Babushkin’ about 21st century poet-warrior taken out of ‘jello-hibernation’ in 25th century when humans have become genetically altered to be passive and non-violent. Two governments exist in Theocracy: Pope for the West, and Dalai Lama for the East….but there are cretons afoot who have become ‘unaltered’ and are greedy for power, money, and women. I’m still working on it. sayanara!

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