by j. alan nelson
We are lost in that beginning
eons lost
before you slid
from my mother’s womb
felt limbs move freely
drying in air
light pressing your eyes.
I’m not here to analyze your feelings.
nor hash over times
long before lost documents
lost balance
unwritten journal entries
sounds of adult conversation through the vents
or unjustified optimism as the dark army nears.
I’m not testing you to see what’s wrong with you.
I just want to know what you want for dinner.

0 thoughts on “Beginning

  1. “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end…” what i heard on the radio last night that just stuck with me and now this poem pops up on ‘Beginning’ {fate or just coincidence? or i’m a lunatic?}. But yeah, we are always trying to make something more difficult than it actually is as humans, probably because with other things they actually are more perplex than appearance or one would think…thus the teeter-totter and freeze tag.
    I thought poem was pretty straightforward and effective in pointing out all of the above. “Sounds of adult conversation through the vents…” really grabbed me. If I had to guess, would say this poem was written to/for/about the author’s brother or sister. In any case, excellent read! Thanks Mr. Nelson!

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