by shawn misener
if you take a tennis ball
soak it in kool-aid
and implant it in a fresh loaf of wonderbread
you get something very special
and very disturbing
someone old and wise
or maybe just jeff goldblum
warned about fucking with nature
but fucking with mass production
can be even weirder
here’s what you get:
babies you can eat
babies you can drink
and babies you can pummel with a racket
you get:
the most fantastic birth you’ll ever witness
twice as nice per slice
bleached babies in a bag
and if you have the patience
they’ll grow up to be sourdough celebrities
and pizza paparazzi
strutting their stuff
and fanning their feathers
in glistening high definition

0 thoughts on “Wonderkids

  1. Killer Bombastic Bru-he-he! …luved that 4th stanza: ..’twice as nice per slice/ bleached babies in a bag’… What happens when you put a tennis ball in Mrs. Bairds i wonder? Tennis and Jeff Goldblum brought to mind his role in ‘9 months’ movie with Hugh Grant where he actually plays tennis with Hugh (who knew?). Anyway, i enjoyed the moment and ‘trip’ the poem took me on. Jonathan Swift’s “Modest Proposal” with a modern day twist comes to mind…with the imagination/funny darkness of an R. Browning? {and Spielberg’s ‘Gremlins’}. i shouldn’t compare, i only make a pear of myself. Hey, that’s what you get with the ball in Mrs. Bairds…Elizabeth Barrett Browning and her Portugese sonnets: “How do i love grilled cheese sandwiches, let me count the whey…”. yeah, yeah,.
    Well conceived and Well plodded sir! Game Set Match! I look forward to reading a compilation of like poems, just don’t entitle it: ‘The Bio-Spear Luminary’ or ‘Michigan is the physical manifestation of T.S. Elliot’s ‘The Wasteland”.

  2. That thing about Michigan came out harsh (sorry for being insensitive)…it’s not my belief, just what i seem to hear. Hard times can make people more appreciative i suppose, and have higher characters as a result… There’s a certain spirituality that goes with asceticism. …and heightened imagination perhaps? In any case, i apologize for my election year gaffe.
    On another note, i took my kids to this Dino-World place about 30 minutes away that has these lifesize replicas of 100 dinosaurs…pretty impressive! But in the gift shop there’s these series of documentaries on dinos narrated by none other than you guessed it…Jeff Goldblum! I’ll have to check those out, he’s gotta be better than Christian Slater and Ben Stiller. (even though i’m a real Stiller fan!)

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