by andi kato
Myspace and raw, unsalted butter.
Wine and raw fish.
Adderoll and exercise.
Heroin and positivity.
Pot and unheated honey.
Valium and hiking.
Shrooms and non-smokers.
Vodka and raw eggs.
Ritalin and daily walks.
Hitler and pop rock.
Gin and swimming.
Sex and Einstein.
Dipsomania and AA.
Hydrocodone and probiotics.
Oxycodone and jogging.
Clove cigarettes and mineral water.
Naproxen and meditation.
Concerta and hacky-sacks.
LSD and Kimchee.
Dramamine and steak.
PCP and skateboarding.
LSA and morning glories.
Nutmeg and bottomless lakes.
Cigarettes and diluted coffee.
Blunts and grapefruit juice.
Anti-psychotics and sunshine.
Multi-vitamins and solitude.
Menthols and hugs.
Narcissism and Agnosticism.
Religion and Reason.
Beer and hope.
Paris Hilton and self-respect.
Lorazepam and self-expression.
Rumination and Digression.
LSD-25 and Omega-3s.
Morphine and laughter.
Meth labs and 24-Hour Fitness.
Guns and flowers.
Tequila and Vitamin D.
Kerosine and hippies.
Suppression and masturbation.
Evangelicals and orgasms.
Fox news and love.
Speed and yoga.
Ambien and rock-climbing walls.
Petroleum and Dickens.
Nuclear war and Christmas.

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