Just Hear Me Out: A Proposal

Just Hear Me Out: A Proposal
by chris lauer
How long will dying be for the living
it’s really hard on them
The dead have little respect for the dying
if any yet here we are the living
yoked by it. Sure. Some may say they’ve
escaped the tyranny of death and
ascended to a higher plane–BANG.
Yeah. That’s what I thought.
But the dead don’t care
for their ever expanding ranks. They’re not
planning or assembling, militarizing, rioting
loving or fucking. They’re just
laying there and all their potential
is rotting.
So here today I propose that we: you and you
and me, the living, slough off all and any
responsibility of dying on the dead.
It was always a questionable arrangement.
So that we can refocus all our worry and talent
on this living.

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  1. I’ll support this proposal. I do see, however, many of the living who i mistake for being dead. I drove by the cemetary the other day and saw life dancing upon the graves. But yeah, this is one helluva theory of a deadman. …And i hear they’re imposing stiffer fines (no pun intended) on Necrophiliacs. Potential mortitians are getting background checks now.
    But seriously, i liked the goth-humor mixed in with the whole life/death conundrum…you march to the beat of a different conundrummer… hohummer. There was some fantasy trilogy back in the 80’s that fantasized (go-figure) that the dead people who went to hell did indeed assemble, militarize, riot, love, fuck, etc. in some attempt to take over hell (everyone’s pipe-dream). It’s refreshing to see some wittiness…please don’t take that as snittyness. Thx Mr. Lauer. P.S. Have you read that modernized/abridged version of ‘The Inferno’ with pics of an industrialized Hell? Pretty eye-opening.

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