i got the fevers

i got the fevers
photo/poem by reed posey
I ate something with thrush on it
I think it was a handrail
I was eating the hand rail because
I saw the finest girl ever slide right down it
And she weren’t wearing no clothes
And she was sliding fast
Fast like she had a bar of soap clenched up between her legs
To slide fast
And maybe to wash the handrail
But there weren’t no soap there
I wished there was
Cause now I got the thrush
And when the fevers come
Like they are want to do
With thrush
I like to drift off and think about eating that handrail head on
Bottom to the top
Like a sausage
And I like to think about Freud
He was a German
You might think a German is an alright kind of person
And not to hate-monger (I’ll leave that to the Germans)
But a German is what type of person not only
Was Hitler
But because Hitler WAS ELECTED
A type of person what votes for Hitler
Germans made good sausage
The Fevers

0 thoughts on “i got the fevers

  1. this is really cool. I would end it with the line “like a sausage” though. . . the rest of the piece seems way too tangential and out of place. The “huh” and “uh” indicate writing exhaustion.

  2. I think eating sauerkraut will cure the thrush…unless the thrush is a yeast infection. Yeah, ol’ Hitler, from German-speaking Austria (like Arnold and Falco) moved to Germany serving in German Army in WWI. He was a failed artist and is a blue personality type (out of Gold, Green, Orange and Blue models). If I could go back in time and be rich, I’d buy Hitler’s paintings, you know, to keep him out of the shenanigans, even if they weren’t no Klimpt. I’d give him false praise: “Dammit Hitler, the portraits are just phenomenal, they should be hung up in the Loueve’.
    anywho, i really got into the symetrical stream-of-consciousness feeling and of course, the erotic imagery and fantastical action. ‘The Fevers’ would be a good name for an indie band…but not on Saturday night. later.

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