Freddie Gage

Freddie Gage
by dirk michener
All my friends are dead
I come to the graveyard every single day
Talk to the gravestones and mothermary’s
Talk to the flowers and to God about it
Why did it happen?
Why did all my friends die?
Some days you have to make a decision
Some days you have to make a terrible decision
Sometimes it’s about money
Sometimes it’s about love
Sometimes it’s about revenge
Sometimes it’s about terrible terrible shame
Shame so terrible it results in dead friends
I went to all their funerals in my suit
I have only one suit
The suit my grandfather was buried in
They take the suits off before burial and…
No, now I’m lying
I got the suit off’n my dead grandfather’s corpse
I went to trial wearing the suit
I went to trial for exhuming my grandfather’s corpse
But I knew.
I knew, as I acted as my own lawyer
I knew, as I used myself as my primary witness
I knew, as I cross-examined myself
My grandfather wanted me to have that suit
And what was granted me, I shall receive
And I’m not a thief
And I’m not a lawyer
And I’m not a gravedigger
And I’m not a businessman
And I’m not a happy person
Until I get everything that’s coming to me
I’ve made terrible decisions
None of which I regret
None of which I can change
Lord, grant me the strength to accept what I cannot change
To change what I want to change
To destroy what I will not change
To accept what I have destroyed
All my friends are dead

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