another good sign

Another Good Sign
by melanie hubbard
One day your boss
will write an opera. Meanwhile,
les trés riches heures file by—
they give each other
head in the break room, tousle
the fine, sandy-colored hay
they never comb. Welcome home.
At least they’re having fun
in the end zone. The victorious
hours butt heads, their backs against
the louvered closet doors, which cant
off their hinges.

0 thoughts on “another good sign

  1. Repertoire of the uncanny seems escapist to the core…luv it. Daydreamers don’t waste time counting the sheep, we are the sheperds and we know how to ‘get the flock out of here’. The 3 rich whores (i think, my French is not so good {kinda like my HTML format capabilities}) giving each other head in the break room , and their heads are dishwater blond , and later hours personified butt heads … very heady theme… i think i’m making head-way with this..
    Very French theme too…i’m not sure what a ‘louvered’ closet door is but that’s ok…i get kinda of a feeling that the closet is bespecled with fleur de les or maybe pictures from The Lourve … Is Paris Burning? Dammit Hitler, these portraits are magnifique’! Sorry, having a relapse.
    and the closet cant ‘off’ [as verb] their hinges. ‘Hinges’ is very incredible word to end with seeing how unhinged the fantasies/erotic illusions were. The Boss and the Opera makes me think this is somehow anti-corporate life which is modernist reoccuring preponderance.
    One thing’s for certain: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” –Albert Einstein– Keep on conjuring those ‘good signs’ Ms Hubbard! “ee whu lik 2 bie a amburier” [‘Pink Panther’..Inspector learns how to ask for a hamburger in English}.
    ..and i’m still waiting to see how King Arthur gets the holy grail from the rude french in the castle. quest indeed.

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