tin clouds

Tin Clouds
by pat a physics
The note had been stuck to the bottom of an old leather-back chair in your living room. The chair had always been in your living room, and had belonged to some ancient resident. It was difficult to read. Not only was it fragile and faded, but it was also written in archaic cuneiform. It spelled out where the gold was hidden between the walls in your kitchen. With your heartbeat racing, you prepared to drill a hole just to the left of where the treasure supposedly was. You pause and look at the blank rippling surface of the wall, realizing what a mess this is going to be, and what if this note had already been discovered by a previous tenant. It doesn’t matter that much, and the gamble is worth it, you decide. Pushing upon the tin box, your hair is covered in white, dry paint flecks and pieces of your wall. Inside the tin is a nominal bit of money that you use to fix the hole and start your own golf ball company in Monterrey, Mexico.

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