Take It for Granite

Take It for Granite
by christopher lauer
Such a nice block of mistakes I make I make
more I add them to my repertoire, Moses
had a book much like ours of unkindly acts
bricks we’ve thrown bricks we’ve been hit
with everyday I see them piling up on all sides
an eye on them like a cripple passed a prime
a cornerstone, a centerpiece, sand for cement
gravels for concrete that have broken me
love is such masonry always building
on the foundations of broken dreams
of past regrets beneath the temple
destroyed for the prisons where
the outside is the inside you staring
through these bars an open world at your back
builders destroyers you take your turn take mine
this here is a lovely rock I’ll tie it to my ankle
drag it with us–we were only ones to run
for a short while anyway

0 thoughts on “Take It for Granite

  1. Granted: ‘A brick is not a brick until it has been through the fire’. This poem has a hardline rollin’ rollin’ ouerve like a cement truck with 2 loads … jailhouse and flower shop. “Love is such masonry”, that resounds in my spitoon of a cupid-psyche. I noticed the poem starts out ‘I’, ‘I’, and towards the end ‘you’, ‘us’, and ‘we’…we are all in it together it seems — nice varied perspectives. A poem that encompasses creation and apocalypse all in one topless jaunt…”God’s in His Heaven, All’s Right With the World.”
    -NERV- Eva 1. Ready to go!

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