music magazines

music magazines
by diy danna
eggshell pulp and waxy sheets line my cage.
droppings on the latest hipster fall after
consuming seeds of doubt.
my mating call is drowned by the sound
of human orgasms and car crashes.
i no longer wonder why there is no reply.
celebrity beheadings on the coffee table

0 thoughts on “music magazines

  1. danna. i’ve ran into familiar creeks with austin music magazines. found myself reviewing/interviewing shit/people i didn’t care about so i could barely fill out a 1099.
    “consuming seeds of doubt”
    can go many ways here.
    sorry i didn’t see this sooner.
    the h and h inbox is like the million venues in austin today. full of life and energy, but with not enough space to go around.
    we need two sites to please the world.

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