Post-Industrial Service-Based Economy

Post-Industrial Service-Based Economy
by christopher lauer
I am here
a windowless office
the color of desert choking down
sour dispositions of greater generations
wanting to be somewhere anywhere else
dreaming aggrandizing hyperbolizing
sorting rubber bands

0 thoughts on “Post-Industrial Service-Based Economy

  1. Title sums up everything. i liked how you used repetition of ‘here’…first here then there…at end of sentence. Adds power to your work thru words Mr. Lauer. ..and second sentence comes in hard with attack of the ‘ing’s. ‘Aggrandizing’-“to make greater more powerful”. cool. i am aggrandized reading this poem. U certainly trap-box caught this (post)modernist feeling and i felt it. thanks. That corker Halifax used ‘hyperbole’ on me the other day too, i done forgot what that was till i jump-started my brain-cells (what was left).
    I’m still reading that poem you did last week on Moses…will get back with you on that. I just got back from a week of exile so i’m sorta slow coming out of it. Bezuzu X 3. Part the red seas of this goddamned HTML formatting code!!! Pharoh, let my poem have a decent font size! Remember the old testament days when a poet didn’t have to be a computer scientist? Yeah, a heroic couplet was two poets making love…

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