Poem written for a pocket-sized zine written from an 18-wheeler in the nude while listening to The Ramones

Poem written for a pocket-sized zine written from an 18-wheeler in the nude while listening to The Ramones
by quasimofo

Rustic mystics pick your street-smart art
and woo  whatever fight's left in ya' 
..for this THIS marks the end of an end
in the kind of purebred hybrid beefalo burger
a romantic comedy made from origami
can crease with ironclad lotus petal dirigibles..

Lead me with the leadfoot-shaped tape

to that life lesson rental hut so i can

pay for my emotional baggage storage shed..

Teachers/Preachers/Creatures in their overtures

select random domination odd questions

even answers shunning knee-high

high-horse 57 hinnies whinnies

the S.P.P. Shetland Pony Power

plowing sentiments thru the sediment with short+sweet+tweet...

we live to survive life and to imbibe glee-gear

...get me a bib for this extensive bibliography

while i drink to the discography..

You are only here and there in the pre-trip post-trip

leaflet journey thru inspectioning you are not only, hear?..

Yea, empty the pocket s t o f i l l t h e m.

..in a form er lie f i served rice to a waylaid lama

who said: "..the things that alleviate stress can be the

source of stress"...and "the swim-team will do better

if they car-pool."

Hence, what is this poem about?

Why is it here sweating on a Bowflex

sporting selfish cellulitus bouncing blubber

like a catburgler coughing hairballs on the catwalk

doozy cakewalk with a floozy ...?

Ahh, be easy on the eyes so as not to perk the ears into 5th gears..

the piece will write itself with no help from the spinning

wheels rhymester hamster...who chooses the heroin heroine over

Rogaine for pets.. ..it's not enough to have a reason an emotion a luck or knack to be good in bed if we can't debunk the lover's in bunk beds the -o -ry when twin-size romance makes for better bedfellows! (the media will never go for it). (and my memory mattress has caught amnesia). Let's dog-ear that 'rein it in upchuck it out'.. it's more than red light green light simon says since simon tromped your ass in half on a hickory see-saw to steal the girl of your dreams and score with the whore.

Don't count in the corner you've cubbied cause

climbing up a ladder that's on an active merry-go-round

sliding thru tubes which balance tether planks

can make a scene with all this sense of self,

the right, the wrong, the ooohh it feels so gooder

don't stop escape the pain

cut and p a s t e plug and play

throw the die-cast ornament

when even idiots can become dummies

with the help of genius books...

we all need to know we still

have it even though we never had it...

...and if nothing else,

hang crap on targets at the gun range

so you can at least say

you've been shootin' the shit.

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  1. If you were in an airplane hangar filled with balloons on strings and on each of the balloons was written a word or a phrase you might pull on the string of any random balloon, read it and move on, slowly forming a thought to balance, fly or wonder upon awhile. I’ve read this many times and there are bright moments of clarity herein, but overall its a race car on the salt flats, zigzaggging here and there.
    I like this style of writing. The end pulls it back together, for a second, before you should just start reading it all over again.

  2. Thanks for comment! Yeah, i had a guy at our monthly poetry reading at the Rare/Used bookstore in town say that this style made him feel like he was on a roller-coaster in the dark [in a good way,..which surprised me cause he’s always the oldest one there who usually recites Frost and Whitman]. It’s always hard to tell if you’re breaking any new ground or if the effects do anything bordering on spiritual/enlightening/mildly entertaining/laughable/critical thought provoking for the reader. I thought it would be cool to let sound lead the way in some regards spontaneous bebop prosody but also a diologue between subconcious abstract and the conscious concrete at once high-brow and low-brow also.
    Anyway, glad you liked. Thanks for posting.

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