i wonder if i am completely wasted

i wonder if i am completely wasted
by nicole kuwik
as I stand in my doorway
in sunglasses
and golf cart putters by
full of potential residents and
a blonde
named Heather or Britney
who does not wave
I note the rats behind the fence
and wonder if tomorrow
I will find a piece of paper
folded in half and
stuck in my door
notifying me
that it has recently
been brought to their attention
that I have been
standing in doorways
in sunglasses with bottle in hand
while golf carts go by,
and requesting
that I stop.

0 thoughts on “i wonder if i am completely wasted

  1. He-he-he. No, you’re not completely wasted. It’s funny, i have a friend up the street where i live who doesn’t mow a whole lot, and i couldn’t give a damn, you know, but i thought it’d be funny to send him a letter from the President of the Neighborhood Excellence Committee condemning his lack of work ethic: “We WASPS try to maintain the pillars of civilization handed down to us by our pioneering forefathers…what’s YOUR problem?!! But yeah, i’ve been in a few of those gated residential areas that are supposed to keep out drugs, violence, pre-mature sex like a Supra-Evangelical biosphere. Scary.
    Ms. Kuwik, i enjoyed your poem…funny yet socially conscious. I look forward to more.

  2. i’ve been into these transparent poems lately. maybe its cuz i’m reading “Legacy of Love” by Arun Gandhi or something. who knows… i can see you there writing in your doorway. very good.

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