magick johnson!

magick johnson!
by cerebella
bottlecap flames, lighting way to my
sewer sex, resonating. flickering
light switches. distracting. extreme
dislike strong dislike, dandruff
showers. i’d put my lightbulb in
my bath right after yours. elevators
shooting thru the ceiling, flying
past alonso morning mourings.
heaven is funerals smeared in

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  1. 1st person poetic impressions in the life of a libertine? I get the feeling a lot in the poem reflects upon Magic and the way he lived. Even though i don’t know much bio on him the strong expressionate description put forth here gives me one hell of a gist. The pic sorta alludes to this wild playboy type also… with the whole A I D S affair slamming the door in heavy repercussions…”heaven is funerals smeared in frostine.”
    It’s dandy! Plenty to sink your teeth into without being totally damned. Thanks! Nice nom de plume by the way. Beats ‘Braniac’ any day.

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