oblong ate a medulla

oblong ate a medulla
by ramakrishnan parthasarathy.
old hag, dirtbag
no shoes, torn rags
life, hope, self, existence
pity, maker, arsenic, tense
you, us, them, shall not perish
i, gettysburg address, am you
cower in fear, leviathan
funeral, smiles, abound apples
kropotkin meets heinlein
over anarcho-libertarian tea
boston party pooper, shit happens
bleak, spectacles, emotions dead
yeti walks over hopes
footprint size eighteen
maya, bardo thodel monastery
savage, mucus-thirsty, bended knees
fascist scum, heil daffy duck
we shall arise, be swept away
remove your velveteen socks
so i can die of bromohidrosis.

0 thoughts on “oblong ate a medulla

  1. I surely experienced a liberation thru hearing this poem in the intermediate state, though I’m not certain what Spinozoa the ‘God intoxicated philosopher’ would exclaim: “Who’s this Daffy?!”. Commas absent at end of lines good move here i think. Poem reminds me of Kaleidoscope of ideas, and gets me salivating like learning Kama Sutra in ball-pit of McDonalds with Kourtney Kardashian.
    As a former member of the John Lydon Appreciation Society, i can sincerely applaud Prince K’s wonder-twining with Heinlein…’pay it forward you pretty vacant sod!’.
    As for bromohidrosis, Dr. Rishi Parashar Consultant Dermatologist, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi recommends: “Treatment of the cause if possible.”
    I’ll keep reading this this week. Nice work, i’m envious.
    By the way, what part of Houston are you staying? I was born/grew up in South Houston Telephone Rd area.

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