Review of Carl's Jr. Prime Rib Burger

Review of Carl’s Jr. Prime Rib Burger
by ron beach
I went to Carl’s Jr. today with my wife and daughter for lunch. We see a big sign “The New Prime Rib Burger!” It looked absolutely delicious in the picture! My wife and I both ordered one. It’s a burger, of course, topped with thinly sliced (a la Arby’s) Prime Rib, Grilled Onions, Swiss cheese, and Horseradish sauce, all on a ciabatta bun. I bit into it, and was immediately disappointed. The sandwich was very bland, almost tasteless. The ciabatta bread was so “bready” that it overpowered everything else. The Horseradish sauce was so mild it might as well have been mayonnaise. I could not taste the grilled onions at all. I had mine without cheese, but my wife, who loves cheese, disliked this burger as much as I did. Sorry Carl’s, but this one’s got to go.
Phoood rating: Don’t Waste Your Money

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