African grey Parrot

african grey parrot
by larla
My tongue bone dry, my mouth decay and lips shrivel around the pricker that pierces the inside of my left cheek. Retch this revelation of black velvet that so slow closes me in my tomb. Sealed and confided to closed doors, they boxed my ears that bleed tears and tears that tear blood from my stitched eyelids. I must revolutionize this skeleton and give to it the appropriate attire. To tear out of this capsule in pure reform, revolt, strike back and lust in your arms so tight. Fornication? Were not on that subject yet…But alas here we are. The subject brought by fornication. The very word that shakes the very ground. Yes, she is for rent. Caught in a trap she so desperately wanted to get caught in! Once freed, she’ll release maybe spread her wings and wait for the next part of the sky to circle round. “You fill your space so sweet” she says to him. Lusterless his face was in my dreams. Heavy with mood to lunge in your arms, lust I lose all strength and yield to the scent you give off near the willow trees. Intense yet no sound from you or the trees that whisper lullabies of fornication. The leaves are low and fallen. Silent winds and they dare not speak of those lullaby, our lullaby.

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