Postcards from Gin Lane

Postcards from Gin Lane
by jim blackburn
Rehab generation
Is giving way
To relapse enlightenment
The smoke –
Will return to the bars
The night will –
Be for the animals only
The clinics will close
False pill hope cure
Replaced with the –
Complete satisfaction
Of every vice
Held back by man’s law
The remote control
Thrown in the trash
For a real life go
At everything offered
But never fulfilled
By the image god
It will be taken –
All debt free
All fears founded
The human zoo

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  1. I’ll need some gin, before we begin… But yeah, i remember being called into the plant manager’s office at a sand-paper factory i used to work for the writing of subversive materials including wacky zines and notorious top 10 lists like 10 things you wonder about sex number 5 being ‘How do Eskimoes get unstuck from the wet spot’ …and then being offered free psychiatric counseling. “The rehab generation IS giving way to relapse enlightenment”. -Bono- ‘Every artist is a cannibal, every poet is a thief, all kill their inspiration, and sing about the grief’. {‘The Fly’} Do we really inflict pain on ourselves to see how alive we are?
    There’s some social commentary and deeper philosophies riding the crest of this poetic wave. The contrast with ‘man’s law’ and the unfulfilled offerings of an ‘image god’ really got me thinking about the dilemma of the herd. Anarchy should not be appropriated…the human zoo reversed. Or as Heath Ledger’s Joker would exclaim: “Why So Serious?!”.

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