Fourth Meal

Fourth Meal
by shawn misener
Swung by in a rush
for fast food Mexican
the voice inside the box
totaled me out
then asked one more
perplexing question:
“would you like to donate a dollar
to help end world hunger?”
I tried for a second
to reason out why this seemed insane
there’s something really ridiculous
in the idea of tacking on a buck
to my three dollar and seventy-nine cent
burrito combo
to help those who are starving
I’m starving
I thought
and that’s why I’m here
in this sticky cement drive thru lane
didn’t my first three dollars
already go to the cause?
isn’t world hunger a little weaker
once I have satisfied my own?
I asked the voice:
how many meals in all
does my dollar provide?
no hesitation in the response:
five meals for one child
oh wow-
I said, excited-
does this mean I can maybe get
one of those meals for like twenty cents
and just skip the three dollar one?

0 thoughts on “Fourth Meal

  1. You staked me next to my heart.
    I watched a WWF bumper-sticker hit a terrapin about as big as the SUV and a similar pained smirk crossed my mind.

  2. A co-worker of mine told me this morning, “That last poem on H and H incited me!”
    I said, “You mean excited?”
    No she said, “No, incited. If I saw that guy I’d give him a piece of my mind.”
    “Hmmm… that’s good I think” I told her.
    “Yes,” she said. “A poem has never made me feel that way before.”

  3. Wow. . . not sure what to think. I never thought this would make people incited. It’s just a lame attempt at humor and a little stab at the absurdity of feeding the poor whilst feeding ourselves dollar menus.

  4. Meteoric incestuous singular entity neon epidemic reckonings! You bad boy antichrist! You had better send that girl some flowers personally and prostrate yourself to her mercy. Oh shit, she might be reading this in which case you are in trouble. But seriously, One dollar should go towards the reduction of the deficit also. The thing that incites me is WWF running over a terrapin…i mean, wouldn’t the SUV tires go over it like a ‘ramp’? ..And WWF! I used to be a WCW/NWO man and hated to see my favorite source of satire/social/psych/commentary get taken over by ‘cheesy entertainment’. Anyway, i will pray for your soul. (which costs you a dollar).

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