The High Roller Derby Narrows

The High Roller Derby Narrows
by gerard sarnat

Rodeo Drive’s few short blocks don’t offer much space.

Under harsh sun, once beautiful Beverly Hills’ babes —

yesteryear’s trophy wives, mistresses, whores, Harlows —

show their age despite all the face, breast, and waist work.

Still in denial, these enraged old hens’ elbows and glares

struggle to muscle aside today’s generation of girls

(their own gorgeous grandkids?) from Dior’s doors

— keep ’em preening outside Pierre Deux primacy.

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  1. I would rather have had the poet defend the veterans of the power school. They go under the knife and have foreign objects, like shrapnel and silicone, left permanently under their skin to hold the line. All those blows meant for the unready and unpracticed women fall on the ossified curves of sloping backs and knobby wrinkly elbows long-earned defending maturating children from the hungers of the weaker sex. I applaud them for the thousands they have saved in their selfless crusade.
    When these younger recruits finally do come forward and claim the primacy, it will be will with decades more experience in witness to the atrocities of the enemy. I think it will change the nature of the fight. Change is good.

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