The Unapologetic Night

The Unapologetic Night
by peter nezafati
The familiar ring in the voice, as the chords tremble
the chest heaves violently, air is chewed
the rising ball of brokeness ascending tall, infallibly
the wail of a man turned into a weeping zygote before all
the discovery that the creeping molecule of doubt has now blossomed
into a continent of anguish
nature, oh fretful nature
dueling, snarling, biting, regretful nature
cast beady eyes aside venomous nature
toil elsewhere weeping railroad rabbit
jump outside stardust leftovers
let this composition called man be, vengeful nature
when will these strings be snipped gruesome nature?
When will the lie of free will be heard monstrous nature?
Maybe never, you say?
Not even at the doorstep of heaven perhaps?
Say it isn’t so…

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