girl in one glance

girl in one glance
by michael hessel-mial
I spent all day following a bruise
on a pale bare thigh,
all day, every day,
over hills and down rivers,
at the bottom of the ocean and the center of a star,
beyond the day in the year of our lord,
during innocence and after the modern,
past the sentence through syntax,
onward towards preposition and allegory,
turning left at Form That Implicates Through Structure,
between the chased, the pursuer, the devil and the deep blue sea,
beyond haiku that silenced her with winter bells,
facing the sidewalk that glittered like a burst vessel of stars,
at taco johns with a chorusline of girls that chased me
to push experience through a lonely girl’s bruise
that only comes together on paper.

0 thoughts on “girl in one glance

  1. What at first appears literal turns figurative; and what is implicated in the title ‘girl in one glance’ seems to take on more than a moment but an epoch.
    Fascination with a mere bruise? ..or the with a girl who happens to have a bruise. The editor’s view, derived from his choice of pic of younger girl, is, i’m guessing, that the fascination is not a romanticly motivated one but rather intoxication with a detail caught in the beauty of a moment.
    Whatever the case, the writer is surely transported ‘beyond during past towards turning between facing’ as a result of this encounter/observation with the girl and her bruise. “During innocence and after the modern”…”between the chased, the pursuer, the devil and the deep blue sea” …man, that’s awesome.
    I didn’t get what a “taco john” was…is it a bathroom at a taqueria? or taco bell? Anyway, i enjoyed reading. Cool beans!

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