Gravity in Pearls

Gravity in Pearls
by pat a physics
When the fires are oftener
kneel in the these matresses
because the mattress sneezed
the ketchup trees are imaginary
and you’re listening to jealous it
foundered under blue greens
space is very ripe with gravities
gravitational stone houses species
searching, constant grease gods
leaving rectangle movie whore
wheat bread bees.
Aren’t you angry?
Glee club broke into TV pieces
canned shit on a rooftop, please
lungs flush with creased seams
spotty steam fragments spout
from clinging cellular beam crags
teaming up with jesus-extreme
leaky, sporty, portly board cream
won’t be puncturing female quests
it treats us fine, un-peopled ait
tearing holes in mattress pearls,
oh, attractive pearls!
Swirling curves!

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