Burn it.

Burn it.
by halifax
“Fill out this form and have a seat
Or sit first, your choice.
Here’s a pen.
That is not a pen.
THIS is a pen!”
“Thanks for the pen.”
“Have a seat and we’ll call for you in a moment.
Help yourself to our magazines.”
“Did you sign in?
Where’s your pen?
Just kidding; here’s a pen.”

“Here’s your pen back.
I filled out the form.
What should I do with it?”
“Have a seat, we’ll call for you in a moment.”

0 thoughts on “Burn it.

  1. i imagined i was a part of this conversation and the form was an application to the insane asylum. Committing yourself is something more and more people are doing nowadays.
    Moral: Always carry a pen, you never know when you’ll go crazy. On that note, always carry a lawn chair with you too.
    Nice dialogue. Funny how Halifax’s poem deals with ‘pen’ and P.Physics poem deals with ‘penis’. Coincidence? or Kinky Dhammapada? Only the Shadow knows…

  2. i noticed you’re a ‘regular’ now, good job! i look forward to your comraderie.
    By the way, i got your message on the pillow thing: “I had visions of the whole harem scene, swathed in pillows and realized that those stacks of brocaded throw-abouts might have had nothing to do with men. Men can sleep on cold linoleum tile and feel rested. What is it with women and pillows?”
    i too have visions of the harem, and believe you may be right about a good many things here. Women are kind of soft and cuddly too, maybe that’s the deal with ‘women and pillows’. Why does a man breathe hard and cry out a woman’s name?…because she isn’t holding the pillow over his head down hard enough, that’s why. Is a pillow a subconscious security network made of Egyptian cotton, is it a symbol, is it just another ‘fru-fru’ item in the spoiled rotten woman’s fantasy: “Queen of Everything” ? ? ? i guess we’d have to ask a woman if there are any out there willing to divulge this Venusian secret (and who aren’t afraid to tell)…

  3. It surprised me to see my nom de guerre under the list of regulars. I didn’t know how that list perpetuates. Made the week brighter with that secret gem in my sock. I’ll muffle more later. Right now I have pillows to struggle under.

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