Do it.

Do it.
by michael hessel-mial

Do it.

Right. Man, that’s Right.

Man, you do it. Forever.

This time. But a moment.

Bookends, bookended. Right.

For once
I. Never mind. Open.

Spaced out under heat lamps.

Faster, faster. Do it. Heat up.

Does this fast car really? Stop?

Drive on. Like an earthquake.

Right on. Like forever. Stop?

In this life we.

0 thoughts on “Do it.

  1. Gaps accentuated. Appears as diologue, but i can’t help shaking off sensation it’s inner monologue. Life is what happens when we’re busy making plans…Do it, man. i keep telling myself that, or else i’ll end up an empty shell of a husk with no tamale. Yo soy juevos de oro, escuche me explosion…
    i look forward to more.

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