deus ex machina

deus ex machina
by jim benz
Here are
as we see we
go here
through a slippery
crack here is ex
nihilo here
is a taste of some
parallel para-
llel here is
mortified by faith-
less oxymoron
blind eye
chord a bar
of reverb-
erant joy here
is beauty
within a gaze
a smile
this stark un-

0 thoughts on “deus ex machina

  1. The inner workings of this machine fill an emptiness…someone on the path to a better path..isn’t that what life is? ..Or, someone completely overwhelmed by the cogs, wheels, steam-valve spickets, to be stuck and floundering? I think what we think is real sometimes is just the tip of the iceberg. But i suppose there is a certain joy in uncovering beauty under so much ‘out of nothing’. Hmm. Versatile piece. thanks.
    That pic was my fairy god-mother, now i find she’s a robot! Damnit!

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