Submission Call

West Goes South
A new literary journal based in Charlotte and Los Angeles seeks submissions of flash-fiction, poetry, and art on the current theme: The longest day.
Please see our Website for more details at

0 thoughts on “Submission Call

  1. Damn! I would have preferred the theme to be: ‘You and your blow-up doll’…but oh well, maybe i can weave my blow-up doll experiences into ‘the longest day’. I used to shy away from ‘theme’ quarterlys as a younger poet, but maybe can conjure something up being merely a tad more seasoned.
    I don’t know, i kinda write about whatever i’m going thru at the time regardless of subject matter so it’s wierd writing ‘to fill an order’, and it will be difficult making it more than an ‘exercise’, i guess therein lies the challenge.

  2. agreed. the longest day could be about anything. also, its always best to submit to a mag when its just starting, as they’ve got an “idea” about their identity/voice, etc and you can actually help shape it, be on call, be a regular, etc.
    we’ve printed 26 issues in 11 years and have been online for 6 so thanks to everyone for shaping us. shape everyone.
    and as usual, submit away.

  3. Ok, did it. Agent Quasimofo going in for reconnaisance attempting to infiltrate ‘West Goes South’ literary compound…whoa, guild members, whew, that was close.
    The title is: “Impregnating Blow-up dolls and longest daydreams 86,400 seconds before slumber [Allegro Vibrato in D Major]”. I hope they like 2 pagers…but then again, with ‘the longest day’ as the theme, they might not be alarmed to get a longest poem. But then again they might say, ‘hey, we need something shorter for this longest day, it’s really been a long day here at the office, can you cut it down’. And I’ll say: “That goes against my principals, not any artistic principles, but my High School Principals who told me to always stick in there no matter how long it takes, which my girlfriends have appreciated”, but then i’ll recant and take it down to a page using a font size of 8, to which they’ll laugh and call me a smart ass.
    But really and seriously, this looks like a good outlet for experimental and witty. If i get in, i not only want a copy for payment, but krugerant or the Spanish gold of the conquistadores, and a date with Rachel Leigh Cook.

  4. Stardate Monday last week of Sept. 7 a.m. UPDATE: It seems the submission process has run into a bit of a snag. Following the West Goes South submission requirements, i pasted poem in the body of an e-mail rather than put it in an attachment…’no attachments’ says the editor. ok. Against my better suspicions, i send e-mail and then examine carbon copy to make sure integrity of lines, spacing, etc. is preserved…it is not…center and right alignment is changed to left align, spacing is changed from single to double, line-breaks are unpronounced…Manicotti Formaggio served on a trash can lid! Yeah, that worked..
    I begin to wonder, great, if there’s some ‘needle in the haystack’ setting that will undo all this; and i begin to wonder why they specifically say ‘no attachments’…well attachments are the only way i know of to preserve a written work as is digitally. Does it have something to do with the Apple/Mac thing? Hmm. Ludite talking here. ok, will have to snail mail…which means editor will have to fully retype…unlikely. Yes, very frustrating. It’s like a secret handshake thing again where i have to be as good a computer programmer as a poet. just venting…i’ll get over it. I have submitted near to a hundred ‘Letters to the Editor’ to my local paper…when i first started sending via ‘pasted’ e-mail, i would notice errors of various kinds and so began sending thru attachments which fixed problem…attachments are better than pasted in email. i just wanted to say that…there, take that. i’m grumpy and going back to bed.

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