nation love

Nation Love
by jessica tedder
I got botox injected into my lips today. I don’t have any particularstrife with them, but America does and that isn’t okay with me. I haveto please my lady. Kiss her gently for the queen she is. I know she’sdone her wrongs, cheated on me countless times, took up alliances withshady characters, and never comes home when she says she’s going to.But I love her anyways. She makes me feel safe. Truth be told shewouldn’t hold it against me if I had a few extra pounds or even becamemorbidly obese. She feeds me well. Maybe she can’t afford organic butshe always makes sure I can get ten pizzas for ten dollars. You shouldsee her porn collection. 50 thousand titles. We get drunk and reproducelike crazy. Dirty sex. And we don’t just smoke a cig afterwards; wesmoke a whole pack together. She’s my queen. Sure I know she slipschemicals into my water, but they haven’t killed me yet. That tells meshe has a good heart beneath it all. And on her bad days when shebreaks down my door and cuffs me to a chair and tortures me I don’tmind too much. That’s just how America gets down. She’s a freaky bitchlike that. I don’t even mind that she’s high maintenance; so she has merunning for my money, keeping an eye on my wallet. She wouldn’t be asbeautiful without all that bling she wears and she knows it. And forthat I love her, for doing what she has to, to keep her image up. She’snot like other girls.

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  1. Yeah! It’s like romance out of Grand Theft Auto! I’m really enjoying this week of ‘flash fiction’! … A lot of erotic pieces from ‘bad girls’. Compelling work, Ms. Tedder! ..and written from the perspective of a guy! Reminds me of Steve Martin in ‘The Jerk’ with his motorcycle gang girlfriend.

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