By Beth Cortez-Neavel
We were what the stars are made of,
again, and
you peered into my constellations,
you were my galaxy.
SuperGiants luminous,
As big as the Milky Way.
We are
fueled by nuclear fusion
converting hydrogen
into helium.
The hotter you get,
The brighter I become.
For five billion years,
I will shine for you.
No matter the distance.
My hydrogen depleted,
your core contracts
outer layers expand.
I explode.
a planetary nebula             supernova            a
white dwarf,              a
neutron star,                         a black hole –
your nuclear fuels depleted,
my hydrogen            less
than before,
I am the void left by our explosion.
In your arms,
in my arms:
We are Star.

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  1. ah, stardust. I thought this was going to be predictable, then it got graphic. Sort of. I don’t know how else to put it: things exploded – and then sort of collapsed in on themselves. I think. Interesting.

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