by jason eckardt

rumble and womble and     .     .     . stomp
dis sol u t i o n
shatter'd & scatter'd and batter'd       and
again anew again
,                       ,     static —–#%@($)^^^***!
NUMB3rrrs dro(o)ping       reflect       on  sounds  not  made
but echo(ohh)d through n0n-space
there are no paths untraveled with no paths to travel

0 thoughts on “(back)_ground_mmmusic

  1. wow yay. reading that was like travelling thru a linoleum meadow in an unknown version of snow white made in france somewhere, paris, probably (maybe because like everyone else paris is the first city there that pops in that head of mine), and all the while i was reminded of a non-lame music box. cool.

  2. this is wild. i can honestly say that i have never in my life read such a manic write! can you tell me what song this is, as my head is full of cotton after this piece!
    well done!

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