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  1. Meaning of title: “The Roche lobe is the region of space around a star in a binary system within which orbiting material is gravitationally bound to that star. If the star expands past its Roche lobe, then the material outside of the lobe will fall into the other star. It is an approximately tear-drop shaped region bounded by a critical gravitational equipotential, with the apex of the tear-drop pointing towards the other star.”
    Perfect title for a love poem. This is one of those short poems that I’d like to hear aloud by a good reciter. Me personally, I’m terrible at ‘speaking the poem’ and giving it life but there’s a lot of emotion that could really topple a room full of unsuspecting people.
    Hell, i wouldn’t even mind if the poem went on more, even though it wraps up nicely short Japanese Haiku sorta.

  2. very wistful, and the imagery at the end was spectacular, what an interesting scene/metaphor you crafted.
    normally i wouldnt care for the same word at the end of those three sentences but this write is perfect in that form.
    well done!

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